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News and Information Related to The Doobie Company and Cannabis Use

Introducing The Doobie Shop (4/29/2016) - The Doobie Company's fan-base has been steadily growing as we get the word out about our line of healthy and discrete medicated products. We've gotten quite a few fans asking for The Doobie Company hats and tees; and we got the message. We care about the desires of our loyal fans, and our response to your requests is...The Doobie Shop.
The Doobie Company Team Hits the Streets (2/18/2016) - We got the results from our SC Labs testing, and we couldn't be happier. With a unique product line-up that boasts a higher concentration of THC than the competition, The Doobie Company is ready to hit the streets with samples and documentation.
SC Labs Test Results Are In! (2/11/2016) - We spent a lot of time developing the Doobie Juice formula. We spent just as much time trying it out. We used it ourselves and we gave it to our friends and family (only the Prop 215 patients with valid doctor's recommendations of course) -- all to make sure that we had the right recipe.
The Science Behind Doobie Products (1/15/2016) - A lot of people are hesitant to use a new product without knowing exactly what it is. And we at Doobie Company are glad that you're asking questions. It's important to us that you understand the science that brought us to where we are. Here are some basics.
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