Doobie Protein Bars – Medicated Protein Bars

Doobie Proetin Bar Banner We, at The Doobie Company, believe that there are many types of cannabis users out there.  This product was designed for the cannabis user with a more active lifestyle. Our medicated protein bars are made from oats, wheat bran, sunflower seeds and an assortment of healthy and delicious nuts, dipped in rich, dark chocolate. We have infused THC into our bars during three different stages of production.  It's just like a traditional edible without so much sugar and butter.  Each bar contains 6 grams of protein along with a strong THC kick! Doobie_6G_Double_Dose_Protein_Bar_1 Doobie_6G_Double_Dose_Protein_Bar_2 Doobie_6G_Double_Dose_Protein_Bar_3 Doobie_6G_Double_Dose_Protein_Bar_4

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