Doobie Juice - Medicated E-Liquid

Doobie Juices – Medicated E-Liquid

The Doobie Company - Doobie Juices A large portion of the vaping population uses e-liquid and vaping as an alternative to smoking traditional (analog) cigarettes. It’s generally accepted that vaporized e-liquid is much less harmful than the smoke issued from burning tobacco. While this alternative has been made readily available for the distribution of nicotine, cannabis users have been left in the dark. Until now… Vaporized e-liquid isn’t just for nicotine users anymore. The Doobie Company is proud to introduce Doobie Juice: medicated e-liquid designed for cannabis users. Doobie Juice medicated e-liquid is composed of flavor compounds mixed in a base of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol, just like any good e-liquid should be. The Doobie Juice product line has an added twist: top-shelf cannabis extract. That’s right! The cannabinoids that we all know and love (i.e. THC, CBD, and CBN) are now available mixed in with delicious flavors that you can vape. We, at The Doobie Company, wholeheartedly believe (and we think you’ll agree) that Doobie Juice Medicated E-Liquid is a game-changer. Available Flavors: Strawberry Slap, Cereal Rip, Vanilla Buzz, and OG Ganja. Each bottle contains more than 1200 mg of pure THC!  SC Labs told us so. Doobie Juice Back Doobie Juice Front Doobie Juice Drip

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7 thoughts on “Doobie Juices – Medicated E-Liquid

  1. Hey this product seems amazing idea guys and I was just wondering when it will be available for medical patients out here in az? Thanks guys for your time have a good day!

  2. Kadeem,
    Thanks for your interest in the product. We are still in the process of getting into brick-and-mortar collectives. At the moment, Doobie Juice is being sold by Valas Collective Care and Mom & Pop Delivery. They are both delivery only.

    If you have a shop that you frequent, and would like them to carry Doobie Juice or any of the other Doobie Company products, please provide us with the shop info so that we can make sure to include them in our sales campaign.

    Our sales team has just started hitting the streets, so now is the perfect time to get our products into your local shop.

  3. I really enjoy this product. What is the thc percentage? I like the flavors, I mainly use this to mix with other thc oils to make it taste better and last longer. It doesn’t get me that high by itself hopefully you guys can make this more potent. It’ll be the best product hands down in the market.

  4. We appreciate your patience as we get our sales teams out there to as many shops as possible. So far, our products are being carried at Kushmart, One420, LA Meds 4 Less, Washington Wellness Center, and CFC. There are a few others that are further east of LA. If you have a collective that you would like us to visit, please send us their info and we will schedule a meeting.

  5. Each 15ml bottle of Doobie Juice contains more than 1200 mg of THC. That’s already 3-4 times stronger than the competition. And, to be completely honest, I’m not sure how much more potent we can make it. If we do make an e-liquid that will get you couch-locked off of a few hits, we’ll be sure to let you know. Hell, we might even name it after you! Thanks for the feedback. We really appreciate it.

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