How strong are The Doobie Company edibles?

It's hard to say exactly how strong our protein bars and beef jerky are, since the reaction to medicated edibles varies from person to person.  The general consensus is that The Doobie Company edibles are not as strong as traditional edibles (brownies, cookies, etc...).  Keep in mind that these products are designed to fit a more active lifestyle.  That means eating a single Doobie Medicated Protein Bar or one package of Doobie's a Jerk Medicated Beef Jerky is intended to relax the body and induce mild psychoactive effects without leaving the patient "couch-locked." Think of these products as a mildly medicated meal replacement.  And remember that Doobie Juice Medicated E-Liquid is safe for oral use.  If you are looking for a stronger effect, drip a small amount of Doobie Juice on your Doobie Company edibles as a medicated supplement.  Since each bottle of Doobie Juice contains more than 1200 mg of THC, it won't take much to get to the desired effect.
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