SC Labs Test Results Are In!

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SC Labs Test Results Are In!

  We spent a lot of time developing the Doobie Juice formula.  We spent just as much time trying it out.  We used it ourselves and we gave it to our friends and family (only the  Prop 215 patients with valid doctor's recommendations of course) -- all to make sure that we had the right recipe.  The bottom line is that we know it works...We know it works well... But, when you take medicine, don't you want to know what the active ingredients are?  Don't you want to know what the concentrations of those ingredients are? We thought it might be a good idea to have this information handy.  So, we sent a few samples off to SC Labs for testing.  We have great news: THE RESULTS ARE IN! Click on the links below to see the test results. Doobie Juice (OG Ganja) Test Results Doobie Juice (Strawberry Slap) Test Results
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One thought on “SC Labs Test Results Are In!

  1. Hi, I just tried your OG ganja indica Doobie Juice. I love it I can finally smoke like an e-cig. Your product is the best of its kind on the market, I wish I was there when you guys hit the streets lol. I just wanted to tell you I appriciate you guys and would buy stock in your company if I could, lol. Well, Thank You again and have a nice day.

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