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About Doobie Company

The Birth of The Doobie Company

Since the passing of Proposition 215, not much has changed in the way cannabis is used.  One would think that the legalization of marijuana for medical use would have opened doors to new delivery systems for tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).  The most commonly used THC delivery system is probably the oldest: smoke.  While we do not discourage smoking cannabis, Doobie Company believes that there is need for newer, healthier THC delivery. Doobie Company's goal has been to find new cannabis products, keeping the following things in mind:
  • Physical/Medical restrictions
  • Nutritional/Dietary challenges
  • Discretion
Doobie Company is happy to introduce its line of medicated e-liquids and edibles; all focused on providing healthier, safer, and more discrete ways for Prop 215 patients to get their THC.

What's Coming in 2016?

The Doobie Company was just an idea in 2015.  From that idea, Doobie Juices, Doobie Protein Bars, and Doobie Jerky was born.  We've worked on hundreds of recipes to get as close to perfection as we could manage. 2016 should see The Doobie Company products tested, packaged, and ready for sale. SC Labs will be providing testing services so that we can determine exactly how much THC is in each portion. Once we're happy with the product, packaging, and labeling, we're putting it in the hands of the consumer.  We hope that you will provide us with tons of feedback and help spread the word about The Doobie Company and our products.

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